About Snow Day  

Maybe it’s my winter birthday but I’ve always loved a sshoveling out and having fun on a big snow daynow day.  The world muffled and blanketed.  Cancellations and sleeping in.  Calendars and clocks taking a back seat for the day.

We don’t get a lot of official snow days around here so I decided to stop waiting for more or plotting a move to Canada.  I decided to invest more of my days with that snow day feel – space and pace.  Part of that investment is this place for reflection, creation, and conversation.

A walk through the snow makes it easy to taste and see what’s holy.  But there is holiness everywhere, every day.  I’m trying to leave enough room to notice that.

About me – Deborah Lewis

I grew up reading and watching Little House on the Prairie, making obstacle courses in the backyard with my brother, and gasping at the majesty and millions of stars visiblsummer on the porch_Deborah E Lewise at my grandparents’ house.

For a long time I put off writing, pottery, and ministry.  Not now.

For a long time I waited for my beloved to show up.  He finally did and I got a remarkable stepson in the bargain.

I am an ordained elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church and currently serve as director & campus minister of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Virginia.

I love rainy days almost as much as snow days.  Both are gifts from God.  So is the movie When Harry Met Sally.


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